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OOO "LVZ Kuchino"

Extensive experience and professionalism of its employees as well introduction of new technologies allows LVZ Kuchino produce vodka of impeccable quality.

The distillery utilizes latest Italian bottling equipment and American made filters for multi-step water filtration.

Only the highest grain quality spirit “Lux” is used in production of all products at LVZ Kuchino. Use of high quality components coupled with strict process control resulted in numerous wins and awards at EXPO’s and Tasting Competitions.

The distillery capacity is 16 K bottles per hour. The second production line is getting ready for launch.

Distillery staff constantly working on developing new products to address continuously increasing market demands.

Currently LVZ Kuchino has more than 20 brands in its product portfolio including their news additions the “HOT ICE” Vodka and “Glacier Diamond” Vodka.
Distillery OOO “LVZ Kuchino” is located in town of Northern Kuchino in Moscow Region and is one of the well established and well known throughout Russia producers of high quality alcoholic beverages of premium and ultra premium classification.
All product produced by LVZ Kuchino are certified by Russia’s State Standard Agency (GOST). The distillery has implemented process control system EGAIS and is ISO 9001-2001 certified.

LVZ Kuchino products enjoy ever increasing demand in all Russia’s regions and many countries and now it is available in America.
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