Salty Mary
We all know how everynow and again we enjoy our drinks a bit too much. Here is recipe for a tasty cocktail that usually does not affects you the morning after.
1/3 Premier Imports Vodka
1/3 Pickle Brine (Juice)
1/3 V8 or Tomato Juice
Squart of Lime
So here it is tasty, salty, with plenty of electrolytes and with no morning headache
Remember drink responcibly.
DO NOT drink and drive!
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About us
Beginning as a small operation in the Midwest we sought out only the highest quality products for our customers. Premier Imports, LLC dba Russian Spirits USA is an importer of premium distilled spirits. We specialize in unique Russian Vodka that is distilled with "live" water and ecologicaly clean products. Although we are constantly expanding our portfolio
of products the brands that are available now are: Moscow Lakes, Pyat Ozer (Five Lakes), Hot Ice and Glacier Diamond Vodkas. We have grown over the last four years and operate offices in Michigan, New York, Atlanta and Moscow.
About Russian Vodka
The first samples of Russian vodka were developed during the years 1448-1478 when production of grain spirits was actively increasing in Europe. Medieval Russia knew several types of vodka: Simple Wine – regular vodka; Kind (Good) Wine – premium vodka; Bayars’ (Noble) Wine – exclusive vodka. Modern vodka classification divides vodka into two categories: vodka and premium vodka depending on grain spirits used and additives. All vodkas for export are classified separately.  
Using a single technological distilling process and one regulatory norm, traditionally connected all vodka producers in the Soviet Union. However, there were some exceptions based on ethnically specific culinary practices.  
Before 1985 there were 120 large and small distilleries in Russia alone with a total capacity of 221.5 million decaliters per year. Changes in Soviet Government policies resulted in the closure of some of the distilleries and a decrease and alteration of vodka assortment.
June 2009
Premier Imports, LLC
has singed an exclusive import deal with OOO "LVZ Kuchino" to bring their newest vodkas to the US. Two new brands "Hot Ice" and "Glacier Diamond" will be available in USA shortly. OOO "LVZ Kuchino" is one the widely established producers of alcoholic beverages and is located in Moscow, Russia.
April 2009
Premier Imports, LLC
is appointed as the
Importer for "Pyat Ozer" (Five Lakes) Vodka. "Pyat Ozer" is
distilled in Siberia by
OOO "Omskvinprom"
one of the largest producers of spirits in Russia.
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